Hollywood or Bollywood Opal Beads Rule Every Where

Just as a bee is attracted to a jaggery; in the same way a woman is attracted to jewellery. Gift a woman her favourite jewellery and she is all yours. Since ages, jewelleries have often defined the beauty of a woman. She cannot hold herself back from the charm of having a good jewel.

History says that it was the Dutch traders who played an effective role in introducing the beads to the world. It is said that beads are the earliest examples of jewellery as they trace their origin about 100000 years ago. In India, it was from the year 1980 when beads came in to use. They were called the Venetian Beads.

Normally, beads are put in to small threads and are normally worn as necklaces. Modern day beads are made from plastic, wood, glass or metal and are quite popular among the young girls. The benefits of wearing these beads are that they can be worn with any kind of attire whether casual or formal. There is a certain way in which the Opal beads are worn with formal dress. The first and foremost thing to be kept in mind while wearing a bead is its colour. If you are wearing a top then you can always go for the neutral ones like navy blue or black. A red or blue colour bracelets works well with a black dress.

Next is choosing the right type of beads. Beads are to be selected in such a way that they accentuate the beauty of a woman. Beads today form an effective part of a woman's beauty. Small beads can be worn with a formal dress. However, you can always go for the large beads in any corporate event. When it comes to casual dressing you can flaunt your bead by wearing a cocktail dress.

Beads are not stereotypical in nature they can be worn by both the genders as well as kids also. If you are thinking that women can only wear beads then you are wrong. Men or boys can also flaunt this equally. Pairing them up with a jeans and t shirt can make a person look more stylish. The masculine Obi Band bracelets are quite popular among the youngsters. Handmade beaded bracelets are a hot favourite among the kids. These can be worn on occasions like in a party or at a school dance party.

In Hollywood beads are flaunted by actors, singers and actresses. Actor, singer and dancer Chris Brown has often been seen wearing an onyx beaded bracelet. Apart from that singer T.I. flaunted two diamond ball bracelets in the music video "Hello Good Morning". When it comes to women celebrities the list is endless. Jessica Alba, Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry makes it sure that they include beads with their attire. Even in Bollywood actress Vidya Balan and South Indian actor have been spotted wearing Rudraksh beads. Hence, one thing is clear from this fact that beads are gaining their popularity with each passing day.

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