Salman Dabangg Khan to Associate with ‘’

Mr. Dabangg Khan turns out to be a businessman. Salman and are bracketed together to start a new venture in India and United States. viagra for sale in the uk As per the report, Salman has invested in the online travel portal and will be the face of its new marketing campaign. ‘’ wants to grow their business and wanted an eminent personality. Finally, they found Salman to be the best ideal to represent on their behalf and flourish them among people.

The company said that online cheap viagra buy if Salman Khan joined their association, then the company would reinforce their connection with the masses and increase their value in the market. ‘’ is one of the best travel and tour sites which make your travel easy across the globe and even provides discounts time to time to make their customers to stick them and not turn to other travel portals. One of the press said that the connection with Salman would increase the brand’s recall value in tier-2 and tier-3 towns.

Salman khan stated that he is really agitated to his association with and he said, “This is not a normal brand association, where I am there just for face value. With Yatra, I am also now a shareholder.” In addition he said that,” I have immense confidence on the brand and am hopeful that the association will be beneficial for the both of us.” Actually he was pointing at the benefits that he could gain for his Being Human, NGO. will exactly supply a token amount to the Being Human trust every time they have transaction online and the company will sell merchandise of Being Human on their website. This is the idea to help Salman Khan out.

Dhruv Shringi, CEO and co-founder, said that they had always wanted to expand their business to newer mass markets and associating with Salman would enable them to do the same. The promotion of the brand will launch in April.
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